Bloomed in Saraburi

This is my first contest article.  The theme was about “Your Amazing Place in Thailand.”

Why I chose Saraburi (knowing that it is not one of the tourist places in Thailand) because it is where God has planted me.  So far, I have learned many things from its people, its culture and its language.

Bloomed in Saraburi

When the school had some Thai artists for a visitor

When the school had some Thai artists for a visitor

Two years ago, I embarked onto the island of Thailand with no specific place to go.  I did not know anything about the country.  All I knew is that, it is a part of the continent of Asia, close to my beloved country – the Philippines.

I only knew one person then.  I had no choice but to stay where she lives.  Days went by, I had learned to accept that things will not change the way I wanted them to be.  I had to deal with them.  I had to find a good job in the area and grow with it.  And I did!

Being a novice, it took me three weeks to land in a teaching job.  I am blessed with how God’s power was manifested in the wide search of jobs and places.  One thing is for sure, He provided the right place for me.

With just about two hours away from Bangkok and still being a part of the central provinces of Thailand, a renowned locality, and the town that had served significant role in the country’s history, I have established myself in the City of Saraburi.

I cannot find anything good or exceptional in this place during my first few months.  I had a thought then that Saraburi is only a boring, sleeping city with nothing to do but work and just stay at home.  All the while, it’s been silent, until months passed on that it could not contain itself from silence.  It flared up to me with a great sense of calmness and pride that a quiet city compared to a spot light will shine its best when given the privilege.  I had no other option but to see what the city has to offer.  And I was amazed at what I had found out.  It gave me what I had sought for.

At the outset of God’s outpouring blessings is a teaching job in Anuban Ratsami School, a growing Kindergarten and Primary school in the midst of Amphur Mueang, Saraburi. And also, a place where I can stay that is provided by the school.  Though, it is not as spacious as others may have but I have called it home.  God is so good for making things available for me.  It has really proven beyond question that He will supply everything according to your needs.  We just have to ask.  And what is more surprising is that the pouring did not just stop right there.

yam, a Thai salad it's yum if it's not spicy!

yam, a Thai salad
it’s yum if it’s not spicy!

Saraburi, also, has aroused my enthusiasm to learn new things.  Because of its minor demands in life, the city has helped me to be more conscious of the people around me, to be more sincere with what I do and with what I say, to be more familiar with the things in the environment, to be more cautious with my actions, to understand the culture that Thai people have embraced all their lives, to at least try to speak the language so I might be able to communicate even if I have to say it in a snake’s tongue, and most especially to ‘chim’ everything I would not even dare to eat.  More than anything else, to teach what Thai people need to learn for them to expand their horizons so that they will be more competent in the fast pace of life.

What really moved me is how I have bloomed in the span of two years.  Staying in a less pressured environment and working hand in hand with the people I could hardly communicate with, has turned me into a different person – a person of worth, a person who gained more faith and a person with diligence and integrity.  I have attained all these in the place where God has planted me.  Given another chance to work in another place, I would always look back at where I have started while I keep in my thoughts the things that I have learned.   It would always be a great joy to look back at the pride calmness of Saraburi, the place in Thailand that inspired me the most.


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