A Tribute: To Sabba Moshe

my footprints and a beautiful love phrase at the Mediterranean Sea, Tel-Aviv

my shoe-prints and a beautiful Bible-love phrase
Mediterranean Sea, Tel-Aviv

It came across one night to me to write about Sabba Moshe, an Israeli employer that I worked for in 2006. For one reason, I think, is that he somehow became a part of me and that I couldn’t think of anything more than this.

It is Valentine’s Day again and believe it or not, he was my first date in Israel (laughs). At 95 years old, he would be thrilled to have a 25-year old (laughs), young and charming date (loud laughs). Why on earth is that? Of course, we both had no choice that time – I work and live with him and I had to be with him. But then, a year later, he passed away just when the rest of the world is celebrating VALENTINE’S DAY!

8:00 in the morning, at this very day, while I was preparing to go to Mish-an, Raanan, my phone rang and then I got the bad news. It never occurred to me at that very moment because we were anticipating his death few days ago. But when the moment I saw his body, I couldn’t help but think of how he had a hard time dying. Of course, even if it was already anticipated, I cried because the situation asked for it. NO, because I will miss him…

I missed many things about him and honestly, even until this time, I still miss him. He has this CRAZY LOVE Syndrome for me (giggles) during those times when we were at the park near his apartment. He can’t stay for many hours sitting there without me being with him (this is what METAPELETS gain from being with them). Sometimes, it could just be so irritating (many will agree :D) but it sure made him happy. Other things like asking a question over and over again, doing a pee anywhere around the house, waking up in the middle of the night were just some of the burdens I cannot adjust to. But, sometimes it made me laugh and made me wonder what it would be like when it’s my time. It made sense being able to see and experience living with a person over a hundred years old. It’s one heck of a trouble, don’t you think?

Well, it is and I would be mean to say it but it’s the truth. I had my share of what they say ‘ENOUGH’ while being with him. I’ve shed pails of tears for some time especially when he gets to be so stubborn just like me (growling). On the other hand, I had praises for him. He was such a gentle, lovely, and a nice old man who needs nothing but attention, love and care. He was known for his dashing smile and good posture (I think, he was cute in his younger days..laughs). And oh, I won’t forget to tell his secret. At 95, one lady in her late 80’s still loved him so much despite his condition and I could only wonder how they were like in their vivid generation..

Hhmm..There’s so much to tell but I think he’d love to have some privacy (winks).

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