My Modern Day Heroes of the Faith

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Faithly's Friend

I wont call them my idols because idolatry is definitely abominable in the sight of God. I should instead call them my present-day heroes. I don’t know their religious affiliations, what church they go to, their doctrinal stand or other important details in their life. What I know is they make a public stand for Jesus.I am happy they are not ashamed to let others know they believe in God and the Bible.
Tim Tebow. – He popularized the “Tebowing” prayer pose. People can be  irked or offended but he is not ashamed to pray in public after football games.Fast facts:  He was born in the Philippines to Baptist missionaries, birthday is the same as our wedding date (Aug 14), homeschooled, has a hospital in Davao and until now he continues to preach the gospel when he has the opportunity. I think he is still single and patiently waiting…

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