San Juanico Bridge

Each place has its story to tell. Where I grew up has marked history as one of the strongest cities in world. Surely, there is no place like home but this place survived the strongest typhoon ever recorded in 2013 – Haiyan.

Tacloban is just a small city that’s surrounded by water. One of its remarkable spot is the longest bridge in the Philippines that was built in this place – the city where I grew up. History wrote that this bridge was built out of love. Even if it was slightly damaged by that Monster Haiyan but it still stands beautifully and still serves it’s purpose.



7 thoughts on “San Juanico Bridge

  1. It’s nice to have came across someone from the same home province. I like your blog. I couldn’t agree more on your thoughts about this bridge. The photos still look good though. 🙂

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  3. I think these pictures need to be larger – they do look better when clicked on.
    I would have used a photo editor to remove some of the haze.

    Interesting story too

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