Twisted Rides

As a kid, I have tried several rides like the Roller Coaster ride, Ferris Wheel, Caterpillar ride and the like. But, while I was growing up, I have developed the fear of heights that stopped me from trying some of these rides which would make me feel twisted inside and out.

For one, the Tornado Ride. Just like a real tornado destroying a city, this ride caused a sudden change in my pulse. It does seem fun because the wind is all over your body. You may feel a sudden gust of freedom but would you choose it rather than your life? I wouldn’t even try.


Tornado Ride

The next is the all-time favorite Roller Coaster Ride. I tried a few times but I always miss the excitement. Although, I did all the shouting like all the other passengers but I always end up regretful. And look, this one is too much of a height. I would never dare hang myself on those moving chairs and lose my sanity to shouting.


Roller Coaster Ride

Thirdly, the Merry-Go-Round-be-like Ride. Unfortunately, I got dizzy while I was watching the two girls. It looks simple and easy but not when it is moving around too fast and you feel like you are having a vertigo at the moment.


Like a Merry-Go-Round Ride

This and lastly my all-time favorite ride! It does the magic when you get bumped by another car and your body goes with the movement of the car. I always feel twisted after the bumpy ride.


Bump Car Ride

I am not sharing these twisted rides to let you feel adamant about these exciting rides. True, it is fun, invigorating and crazy but I believe that all of these rides will also test your ability to stand firm when tested; just like when you are being twisted while on a specific ride. I may not be able to ride the first three but I will for sure do some other things that may test my ability to fight and stand firm when being twisted and tested. Hence, choose your ride, get on it and enjoy!

Life in Leyte

I will capture your precious time as your read along a special tour to a place that became known to the world when the Typhoon Haiyan utterly destroyed this province in 2013. I will be your tour guide for the day and if you plan to visit the Philippines, do not forget to look up and search for Leyte.

Leyte is mostly surrounded by water and geographically speaking, it is one of the reasons why this place can be heavily damaged by natural calamities. This and some other reasons may eventually affect the people’s way of life.

Life in Leyte is simple. You can see the aerial view of Tacloban which is known to be the capital city of Leyte. It is not a big city but it is the doorway to the many treasures Leyte hides in herself. Notice the beautiful tree planted between those two bodies of water, a pool and the sea. You can always escape to a fresh and beautiful scene where you don’t need to spend your precious gold. You only need extra hours to do that. Look at the bridges. It is not always made of metal or cement but of bamboos and other special trees. You will experience movements while you walk like those of the hanging bridges in the forests. Dip yourself in the water if you must and savor the splendidly cool sea water. Hear the laughter of the kids while they row their small boats as they enjoy their time while it lasts. Pass a bumpy road on a motorcycle and you won’t even notice that your hair is already full of dust. In a way, it is not at all that bumpy but it is in some area. In addition, do not forget to smell the morning breeze with an aroma of freshly plowed rice field. You will love it.

Close you eyes and imagine all these. You will suddenly forget the noise from the bustling city. Linger onto that for an instant before you slowly turn you worktable upside down.


A Moment of Silence

Like in many scenarios of the sunrise, the sunset, the sea, a sleeping animal, a beautiful mountain view and the like express such details of silence in it’s vivid form. Yes, they all do and I cannot disagree with that, however, I will try to take away your silence or mine in a different way.

Sometimes in our lives, we seek for silence we do not know where to find. The moment we face something unwanted, we face the nature where we can find the pleasure of the serenity it gives us. But, it is only for a moment. When we feel tired, where do we go? Of course, we bump our heads to the softest pillow we have and wait until we get ourselves to rest. Then, we achieve silence amidst our rest. Others find them in doing active sports that would really take their breath away. And they feel a sudden rush of peace. I can only imagine because I cannot put myself in such trauma while having fun. For all that matters, have you ever tried finding it on the roads or paths you take? I mean literally.

I am showing photos from different trips I had. The bridge seems narrow but if you have the courage and strength to cross it, you may get to where you wanted to be in the first place. The trail up a hill may take you quite sometime to reach the top but with perseverance you will eventually get there. And a pathway underneath the trees may give you some troubles along the way, like seeing a crossing reptile or an ugly ape. If you don’t mind them, they won’t bother you but do not forget to run whenever it’s needed. Just run for safety. For sure, you’ll get there.

Crossing that bridge with courage and strength, taking that trail with perseverance and going through that pathway needs only one thing – a moment of silence. It is in this point that we stop and listen to our heartbeats and when we’re ready we take that big step we can never imagine. We only need a moment of silence.

Sweet Distractions

As we get older, we want things done immediately. We don’t like to waste our time. We rush things up to get them done right away. But, whether we like it or not, we always get distracted with the many little things around us.

Some things just cannot escape our vivid minds. They like to stay especially when we are up to something important. They always choose to remain. And they always win. Yes? Of course, who wouldn’t want to think of these sweet little distractions? They make us look shiny, bubbly and feeling light.

When I’m too down, too tired and very exhausted in everything, I take all these sweet little distractions with me. I always take myself down memory lane and reminisce sweet, good, happy and even sad memories. Then, if my mind wanders too much, I will need some ice cream to put me back to focus. But where would I usually end? I will always find myself eating something really good and delicious. And from there, I’ll be able to wrap things up for the day. Oh, shiny!




Oftentimes, we forget many things because we hurry up to do so many chores and tasks for the day. We tend to divide many parts of our time just to fit in for the day’s purpose. Sometimes, we fail to notice many simple things and we almost do not see their importance. Time is very inevitable. We cannot change the passing of time but we can always make room for time.

Delta  is an area of low, flat land shaped like a triangle, where a river splits and spreads out into several branches before entering the sea.” At some point, this may show us the variation of time as it slowly evanescent and fades like a flower. My photos may not seem like an area of low, flat land but it sure does show us the inevitable changes of time. Life is very short, let us make something worthy of our Creator’s approval.


I will be showing different tones and colors of the sun as it paints the empty sky in the breaking of dawn and eventually fades away at dusk after it does an awesome work. Just a perfect example of showing Evanescent.

Every color depicts memories, whether it is happy, sad or extra sad. Memories that only one (you) can decide whether to let it fade together with the sun or to let it stay until it shows another majestic sky artwork the next day.

There’s always a new beginning and it always start the moment the sun shows it’s sparkle. We can always let these memories stay but do not forget to live. We can also choose to let it go and still live. Whichever way we choose, there’s always a choice. Make a good one, people!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

This week’s challenge is all about letters.  I have taken shots from some of the malls I went to when I’m off at work.

Picture #1:  Imagine, it’s on sale, yes, but with defect! No return, no exchange? Would you buy that?  I think, they’re just being honest.

it's still sale!

it’s still on sale!

Picture #2:  The crew were all on lunch break leaving their shop open with those lamps on.  No entry at that when it’s wide open.

having a break

having a break

Picture #3:  I have never seen sandals like these until I’ve read their caption.  I was taught in Nursery that they are shoes.  They all looked like shoes, aren’t they? Now, I’m confused!

shoes vs. sandals

shoes vs. sandals

Picture #4:  How many REFLECTION words do you see?

all letters

all about letters