Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

via Photo Challenge: Graceful

As we all know, butterflies dance gracefully.  They like to hop from one flower to another.  They make our garden beautiful.

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Graceful Butterflies


Weekly Photo Chalenge:Object

What could be more beautiful than the life of a butterfly?


love-butterflies on the palm

At first, they are just wormlike creatures.  Then they become beautiful, as beautiful as their wings. Butterflies give us many things to adore in life with the beauty it gives to our nature. Most importantly, they allow us to see how great our Creator is for making ugly things pleasing in our sight.


hopping butterfly

They give color and beauty in a messy place.  They hop from flower to flower and share the good life of the other flower to another. They don’t live long but their touch lasts longer than we could imagine.  That’s how precious butterflies are.