February 2014: State of Tacloban

February 2014: State of Tacloban


This is my second time to visit Tacloban, but my first time to personally see the town after Yolanda, internationally known as Haiyan, destroyed the humble city. City status are enumerated at the last part of this blog entry.

We went there to conduct free seminars and concert for the teachers thru the flagship project of PLDT Managers’ Club, Inc. and PLDT-Smart Foundation entitled Gabay Guro. We already had our first training conduct last August 2013 in the city but due to the destruction of Yolanda that physically and psychologically affected the locals, our bosses decided to somehow help the victims thru these projects of Gabay Guro.

We arrived at the Daniel Romualdez Airport and saw the structure sans the glass windows, wall and AC units. Carousel for baggage is still there, but it’s not working so we had to do check every bag that the porters get from the…

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