The Faces of Hope


“The present is the ever moving shadow that divides yesterday from tomorrow. In that lies HOPE.”

Hope. I have written this word in my heart and mind on the first day of 2018 while on a trip going back to the city. I was so rolled up with life’s irrepressible circumstances that dragged me down to the heights of self-pity and loneliness. I cannot say that life is always meant for struggles because in the face of all these circumstances, we will always see the shadows of hope lurking around us.

Just like the picture, the shadows may leave footprints of  doubt. We do not know what we will face ahead because we are too much focused on what’s behind us. This life is meant to be traveled on a long and dark pathway. But, along the pathway, we see the light. This only means that we are not in total darkness as we journey. There is still light and so goes with hope.

Hope hides different faces. You might see it in a face in the crowd frowning at you. It might be somewhere under your pillows or even in your pockets smiling back at you. Or with movies while you’re tears roll down at one of the scenes. Or you could’ve read it in a bible passage and you just didn’t focus on it. Life is but a mystery and we will never be able solve its mysteries. All we can do is to hang on even if it seems difficult because there is always hope to help us embrace the fullness of life.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between


between enemies

Walls can come between enemies.  You want peace? Then, break that wall!


between lovers

Cherish each other.  Make memories and let it grow!


between love and commitment

Make it strong in the presence of God.  For sure, He will guide your journey.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

This week’s challenge is all about letters.  I have taken shots from some of the malls I went to when I’m off at work.

Picture #1:  Imagine, it’s on sale, yes, but with defect! No return, no exchange? Would you buy that?  I think, they’re just being honest.

it's still sale!

it’s still on sale!

Picture #2:  The crew were all on lunch break leaving their shop open with those lamps on.  No entry at that when it’s wide open.

having a break

having a break

Picture #3:  I have never seen sandals like these until I’ve read their caption.  I was taught in Nursery that they are shoes.  They all looked like shoes, aren’t they? Now, I’m confused!

shoes vs. sandals

shoes vs. sandals

Picture #4:  How many REFLECTION words do you see?

all letters

all about letters