Twisted Rides

As a kid, I have tried several rides like the Roller Coaster ride, Ferris Wheel, Caterpillar ride and the like. But, while I was growing up, I have developed the fear of heights that stopped me from trying some of these rides which would make me feel twisted inside and out.

For one, the Tornado Ride. Just like a real tornado destroying a city, this ride caused a sudden change in my pulse. It does seem fun because the wind is all over your body. You may feel a sudden gust of freedom but would you choose it rather than your life? I wouldn’t even try.


Tornado Ride

The next is the all-time favorite Roller Coaster Ride. I tried a few times but I always miss the excitement. Although, I did all the shouting like all the other passengers but I always end up regretful. And look, this one is too much of a height. I would never dare hang myself on those moving chairs and lose my sanity to shouting.


Roller Coaster Ride

Thirdly, the Merry-Go-Round-be-like Ride. Unfortunately, I got dizzy while I was watching the two girls. It looks simple and easy but not when it is moving around too fast and you feel like you are having a vertigo at the moment.


Like a Merry-Go-Round Ride

This and lastly my all-time favorite ride! It does the magic when you get bumped by another car and your body goes with the movement of the car. I always feel twisted after the bumpy ride.


Bump Car Ride

I am not sharing these twisted rides to let you feel adamant about these exciting rides. True, it is fun, invigorating and crazy but I believe that all of these rides will also test your ability to stand firm when tested; just like when you are being twisted while on a specific ride. I may not be able to ride the first three but I will for sure do some other things that may test my ability to fight and stand firm when being twisted and tested. Hence, choose your ride, get on it and enjoy!


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